Disoriginaztion, The Telepathic Connection And Robert!

Disoriginaztion, The Telepathic Connection And Robert!

I’m being called in early to this session, not sure why. But I’m taken to a bare room, only thing there is a box and a window, If I look out the window I see the ocean with a sunrise. The walls are gray, the floor a white tile. I sit on the box and wait. Robert comes in an sits next to me. I’m stunned to see him and ask – why is he back? He says that he likes to check up from time to time – yet he knows that I know he is always around. I nod.

Have you noticed – I inquire – that everyone has gone? That there are no more sessions with Cindy? The woman who owns the meadow has dropped out and the other two who knows about it all is no where in sight. Why did everyone leave? Robert shrugs – because you do not need their input any longer. You are no longer unsure of yourself or of your visions – so their help is no longer needed. The Divine has given them other work to concentrate on. But when something happens I have no one to tell. Are you still putting all down like I’ve instructed? Yes I say. Then there you have it – you have many people to tell. But it’s not the same — I can’t call them by name and chat it up with a give and take — I liked that. Talk to “them” he says. Them? As in the group – them? Yes, correct. Telepathically? Yes – this is what you all need to be working on – the telepathic connection – one that any of you can bring up at will to communicate with one or more at once.

I SIGH big time……

Can’t we use a phone like everyone else? What’s wrong with using the phone???

Robert shakes his head. This is not where I nor their guides are guiding them. None of us can MAKE any of you work on this connection. But until you do, the next step will stay just out of your reach. How do I know it is one of them that I’m talking to? How do you know you’re talking to me – he inquires. I shrug – I just know. Exactly! Robert has more enthusiasm in his voice than I think I have ever heard. You just “know”, he goes on – but now he paces – you know when you speak to them, just as you know who they are and what they are to you.

Will being in contact with my Faden crystal help during the connection. Yes! That’s it — think about what will enhance the connection. For too long you have been scared to strengthen it but there’s nothing to be frightened of. No harm, no pain will come to you or to anyone else by strengthening this bond. This is one of the many gifts that will help you all in the paths you are to travel in this life and beyond.

So is using the phone completely out of the question? Robert gives me that — I can’t believe you said it look – yes he replies for now it is. But don’t worry – the phone will be used when it is time to do so. And stop asking when that time will be as no one will tell you. This timing is beyond any of our scopes and you are simply not to know so you do not alter what you are doing to change a thing as it could alter the outcome in a way that no one wants.

I did hear you last night – he chimes. Heard me with what — my despair on what to do with the centuries of memories and feelings that I’ve unlocked — that I feel daily and can do nothing about. That’s just it – he says – you CAN do something about it. The doors have been unlocked for a reason. It is not to torture you – but to have you tap into that eternal power of love and devotion. The power of love between you is strong – it’s unlimited power. There is no unconditional bond like this -not even with your own child. It’s eternal — it is a source of strength and energy that is vital to your existence. To your happiness – to your creative muse. It all ties into this connection. Feed into it – connect to it — feel it’s power and use it. Stop turning the other way because you do not understand. This is not something that your logical mind can wrap itself around – this isn’t something that you can over-think into your physical grave, this is not something that you can fit the pieces in nicely and understand the rhyme and reason. It is what it is. The sooner you and Bill get that – the sooner you both stop torturing yourselves needlessly. And all of this suffering – is unneeded. Ted suffers extensively through all this – bring him in and the three of you tap into this powerhouse. But since you – Allie – know more, understand more than the other two — it is up to YOU and YOU only to be that beacon of light. Shine bright and the others will follow. Call them home.

Boy – did this send a zap of energy through me – all the way to my bones. I look at Robert and ask if there’s anything else required of me — just want to know in case I grow bored with what I’ve already got. You need to finish the books – you need to get them done in April. I of course – LAUGH at that. He real serious like – stares at me and says – you have taken too long. Soon you will not be able to return to this point as your energy will be required elsewhere. This is a needed step in your development – move on it. You need to get a move on your Black Triangle novel and your novel about Kyra. But – of course – you need to get your book done on this – on the reunification of the triad.

I have to sleep – I add in.

Of course you do – as this is when you three meet every evening. The progress you have all made in astral travel and dream visits is very well received in the heavens. You each remember more and more of the night every day.

I didn’t like the last part of last night. No he says – and you shouldn’t of. Do you know why that travel was so unorganized – why you were stressed and nothing was where it was supposed to be? No – I add. Because — you were not prepared. This is what will happen to you if you do not follow the steps provided to you – things will get out of your control, you will have too much going on and the stress will land you in the hospital. Listen to Robert – I do not say what I do in jest nor are they wasted words. There are reasons you need to be prepared that you are not privy to.

Anything else?

No — except that you have a very interesting person listening to your podcast who will be of vital importance to you and to your career over the next several months. Keep up the good work.

With that all dissolves away and I”m done.


Part of me just wants to run away and hide. But as I always say — you can’t ignore fate.

The last dream segment was so unorganized that it raises my blood pressure just thinking about it. It was 10:00 pm and I had to be at the Akron/Canton airport by 10:40 for my flight. At 10:20 I’m yelling at my sisters to get all of my toiletries, I’m rummaging around through the drier to get some clothes to wear. I’m trying to shove it all in this black bag — but I’m missing my gray sweatpants and it’s important to have them – so I run back to the dryer to look – find them and run back to the bag. I can feel the clock ticking down….My driver’s license is in the car. So I tuck my passport into the bag , along with a savings bond for 339 dollars (which I thought was odd – why wasn’t it even?). We are running through the airport (my sisters and I) – I can see my mom pas the check-in to stop a man getting into a limo who I know to be the actor Matthew McConaughey (he had a wife and child with him) – my feel is that she was asking him to wait to give us a ride, but I wasn’t sure why if we were already at the airport. Then on check-in I cannot find my passport ticket or savings bond. I woke up disgusted and stressed.

I hate being disorganized.

I started my visit with Robert at 10:30 am today – didn’t finish until about 11:30 am — a long chat for sure!

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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