Dirk, Kevin And Dreams!

Dirk, Kevin And Dreams!

Psychiconair.com and the Maria Shaw went went great today. Looks to be that I’m in the 10:00 hour every Wednesday. Today I chatted about the Orgasm Enhancing Oil form the OBE blog, but we called it Lovemaking Oil – just to be PC on CBS:) I also chatted about Thyme oil and some other oils that help to give you energy.

Kevin. This is a guy who kept showing up in my dreams last night. I remember telling him that he was awful persistent. He replied that eventually his charm would win out and I’d speak to him – lol. We were in a bar – there were a lot of people and I was helping a few of them with readings. Kevin kept walking back and forth. He was tall – probably about 6’2″, thin (but not rail thin) with reddish-brown hair and glasses. He said that he was perfect for me. I laughed and told him that I wasn’t looking for perfect – but for someone who is good to my son and I, is loving, kind, encouraging and a friend who has to be secure enough in themselves not to feel threatened by my success or my relationship with my soul cluster. He smiled and said – that’s me – see I AM perfect for you.

And that’s all I can remember except for him massaging my shoulders – which felt really good. We’ll see if he shows up again in my dreams and/of if I remember.

From Kevin we go to Dirk. He’s still hanging around. But since he’s good looking I really don’t mind:) He keeps a very respectful distance. His energy doesn’t interfere in any way – rather like it was with Will when he first showed up. Will – BTW – is here but not really here. His energy is always merged with mine, but he’s busy working – not sure on what expect that it’s creative. Between working he’s resting – his energy feel exhausted as if he had just run a marathon. As far as I know Tracey’s work with Will is finished and although I emailed over the weekend and asked how everything went – have the guys visited – etc…I have yet to hear back. So once I hear something I’ll let you know.

My dreams were so busy last night – so much so that I am exhausted today. I’m sure my son not being home contributed to the busy night. He actually stayed with his dad last night – 1st time since Oct 2007. Any time he’s away from me I have a hard time sleeping – this happens as well when I’m traveling for the psychic fairs. I don’t remember waking up in between dream visits – but I can remember visiting person, after person and trying to help them. Maybe it just so happened that many people needed help last night and it had no baring on my son being gone? Or — maybe I’ve hit that time where things are about to change in my life. We’ll see tonight, If I’m exhausted again in the morning then there’s more going on than me helping people — change is in the air.

My son and I had fun on his birthday yesterday. We went to his favorite eatery and then to see WALL-E (which was a cute movie).

I doubt if I’ll write again here in the blog this week with the 4th on Friday with my family coming down to visit. But if anything exciting happens, I’ll be sure to update you:) I’m also not too sure when I’ll get to another issue of the “Numerscope” or if I’ll even get any “Ask Allie” columns for the next week done. It’s major do stuff around the house time.

And on that note — I have to go mow the lawn:)

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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