Dirk, Dreams And The CIA!

Dirk, Dreams And The CIA!

I’m trying to get some readings done this late morning, do the podcast and THEN write in this blog. But the powers that be keep bugging me to write about Dirk. Okay, I hear you – who’s this one? Dirk is someone I met when I was 13 and it was (until my son was born) the #1 best moment of my life. Now Dirk shares spot #2 with Will. I’ve tried to move Dirk to #3, but it doesn’t feel right to do. So there he stays – until Will calls, then maybe he’ll move to #3:)

So Dirk is handsome – wonderful blue eyes, nice smile, very charming. Nothing ever romantic here – but I have always thought he was pretty darn hot. Age wise, he’s now in his 60’s – but again, he’s still hot. Periodically over the last 28 years I’ve thought about him – nothing too intensive and usually not more than maybe a day at a time. But Sat., something happened that triggered my memory of him, and he’s been right there ever since. Yesterday I realized two things about Dirk: 1) he influenced the way on why I do not eat out very often, once calling restaurants (especially fast food) as drive-thru cancer centers and 2) influenced my two trips to Montana (he lives there) and although I was with my ex – two of the next vacations I have ever had. I LOVE MT – even more than NYC or Calif.

Okay – why now – why is he “right there”? I don’t get it. I keep getting flash visions of he and Will sitting there chatting and me being very nervous, yet flirting with both. I don’t know why he’s here – but Ethan said it was important for me to mention him in the blog, Iris is here too agreeing with him and saying for me to breathe deep. Why? Is something going to come out of left field? Quite possibility. Another vision I keep seeing is Dirk and I with papers around us discussing creative ideas.

I so wish visions came with a guide book — not just the guide:) And I don’t know how Dirk fits in with the whole soul cluster, soul group thing. He fits in some way – I just do not know how. Wow – what a sizzling energy I had zap through me (the kind that makes your skull tingle). If I find out anything else, I’ll let you know. And Dirk, when you stop by this blog (and someday you will), let me know what you get of our connection.

Before you ask – Dirk is his real name. I was told to use it and that it would be okay to do so.

Dreams last night. One was me standing in line at the bank, trying to make a deposit – but there was only one teller working. Another one was messing around. She finally came over and another guy with 2 small kids cut in front of me. I looked over at him and said “excuse me” – he took a step back. I handed the woman the check and the deposit slip. She looked at it and said she’d be right back. The Bank Manager (a woman) came over and told me that this was a rather large check and would I met her at her desk. Okay — I go over. We sit down and she proceeds to tell me that this is too much money to place in one account. That it would be good to put some in a savings, IRA, etc….I assured her I’d think about it after I deposited the check and paid off things. With what’s left -I will spend some on fun stuff and put the rest away. I assured her that this was not my last big check so I wasn’t worried about running out of money.

In this next dream, I was in a research facility. I had to go into someone’s dream to help them out of a coma. But first I had to pass the “Dream Keeper” – a very scary looking dude in orange & black armor – you had to pass him in order to get into the Dreamscape. He was like a dream gatekeeper. He knew my energy signature, so they did not want to send me in 1st, Someone else had to go in and distract the DK. I keep getting this was in CIA. Anyways — a woman put on a special dream helmet and laid down. She went to sleep and on a flat screen TV, it showed us what she was dreaming about. We could hear what was said, what she did — and with the DK coming towards her (with a very loud and deep voice) I had to turn off the TV, as I was concentrating too much on DK – to do so would alert him that I was around. I didn’t need a helmet to enter into this dream world – I sat back in a recliner – Will came over and told me to remember not to think about DK at all, or he will be drawn to me. I tell him – okay – he tells me to be careful — and I go into the dream.

I am in a very dark area. I don’t nee a flashlight as I can see quite well in little light. There are rocks, and smoke everywhere – the land is barren. I’m using all of my brain power on concentrating on this person I have to find. I can see a white light glowing up head to my left. I can hear crying – but I ignore it – moving straight towards the light something catches my eye over to the right. I look and it’s Bill. I ask him what’s he doing here? He replied that he thought I might need the help. As soon as he said that – it alerted DK and it showed up behind him – I screamed at Bill to wake up NOW. I woke myself up.

As I was lying there in my bed – heart pounding a million miles an hour…I wondered if Bill was lying in his bed doing the same? And would he remember what just happened? That was really interesting — although DK scared the crap out of me.

Off to the store — the kid is driving me crazy.

Okay – it is now dinner time and I’m finishing this up for now. I had to get caught up on my readings. My podcast – I hope – will be later tonight. The dinosaur show up in Cleveland was a lot of fun on Saturday and his party on Sunday was a blast. Tomorrow it’s his actual birthday so I’m taking him to see WALL-E. We seem to see a Pixar flick every birthday. Then on Friday the family gathering with fireworks that evening.

I did see orange kitty today – I was relieved. His paw/leg still isn’t healed – but it does seem to look better. Mr. Client Guy called today too – didn’t have a lot of time to talk with the kid’s phone radar, but at least we chatted – so that was good.

As of today the kid and I have been on our own for a year! Yay! I always knew I could do it – but knowing and then doing are two separate things. I give great thanks that the Universe has always had my back – and will continue to do so! It hasn’t been easy – but I am very grateful for the experience. Besides – I’m much better off today (mentally, emotionally and spiritually) than I was a year ago.

Have a great evening!

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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