Destiny Rules, My Sister's Home And My Son's Past Lives!

Destiny Rules, My Sister's Home And My Son's Past Lives!

I had a very nice surprise over the weekend, my sister N moved home from CA. She is now back in Ohio, until her move to either NYC or Nashville. She drove all the way from CA, on her own with her little Honda Civic packed to the rim. She told no one here at home of her plans as she wanted to surprise us for Mother’s Day – bring us each a bottle of wine. My mother found out Sat night, my other sister knew at the same time (only because N thought she knew — which she didn’t). N thought I knew what was going on as I asked her some odd questions during the week. I guess they were odd, asking her about living arrangements, her job, etc….they came up out of the blue so I asked. Had I been paying attention, I would have zoned in early last week that she was moving home, instead of being the last one to know. But, I’m bogged down with work and other items on my mind which prevented me from hearing what my intuition was telling me. Even after all this time, and with what I know, I still have a hard time hearing. Amazing.

A word to the wise – don’t pile so much crap on your plate that you can’t hear your intuition.

Remember in an earlier post when I said eventually Bill would realize that Ted was this close and he’d zoom back – only Ted wouldn’t step back? Well, I was right — almost. Bill is back, in a big way. He has let his guard down on his thoughts, just a bit, and let me tell you — they could make you blush. I can hear him say — now you know why I was keeping you away. HA! The images or scenes that he allows me to view is enough to have me jump into a pit of ice, just to cool down. (NOTE: Just when I wrote that line, my son’s remote control robot took a step towards me – it’s turned off. ) Thankfully, I can throw my wall up so that I have a chance to re-shift my focus. It’s either this or find a close, willing partner and/or the nearest adult toy store. Good Lord! So this part I was right on.

The part that I was a touch off was Ted. He has backed off. But not as much as normal (NOTE: Damm it ….that robot moved again…..taking out batteries). I heard him say that he stepped back out of respect for Bill. He highly respects Bill and values him as a friend – as well as loves him like a brother. The feelings are mutual between the two.

OKAY – the dang thing MOVED again…it has no batteries. Into the closet it goes……

BTW….if you have sent me email – I’m back logged – give me some time and I will get back:)

My son is talking to his imaginary friends downstairs. I asked them their names and he says that they are Tom and Thomas. I remind him that this is one of his favorite movies and is he sure of the names. He says – yes mamma……these two are not the same like in the movie. In the movie, Tom and Thomas are twins, separated at birth and one is adopted by man, played by Sean Bean. I have yet to find this movie in the states on DVD as it wasn’t released worldwide. Of course, makes one wonder why it is on the movie channels from time to time. Any ways….

Still talking about my son. He said that in a past life he was a firefighter. He has been saying this for about the last year. Lately though, he is adamant about being a FF again in this life. He doesn’t remember what he name was – but he said he was born in Australia and died in Washington D.C. during a call. He has also mentioned on several occasions that he was a British pilot during WWII and his name was Tim. He also told me the plane he flew and his nickname…but I’ll be dammed if I can remember either. I wrote it down. But of course I don’t have a clue where.

What Ted said the other night came to pass – keep writing Allie…and he will come. I’m writing and he did. Call it a hunch that Bill stopped by the blog within the last few days – or someone reading for him, regardless what anyone else may say — I’m sticking to my hunch.

I had an interesting thought last night about Bill and Ted as I was watching the next to the last episode of ‘Charmed”. After I was aware of who Bill was to me, I was remembering much more of our dream visits. Except now our time together was almost non-existent as he kept passing me off to his friends (since then I had discovered that they were in my soul circle). My visits with his friends ranged from nice and surreal, to very sexual. As he kept handing me off I kept asking “why” – he’d never answer. The feel I got was that he was trying to see if I “belonged” not with him, but with another in the group. One day it dawned on me that he passed me off to everyone BUT Ted. I can still remember asking Bill that during one of our dream visits – how about ted? From that moment on, he never passed me to another one of his friends. Ted had to find his way to me on his own – which he did — obviously.

My saying – you can’t escape destiny – rings true here. Bill tried to keep me away from Ted, did everything he could and Ted arriving could not be stopped. What is destined will come to pass, no matter what you do.

Have a great day and don’t forget to check out the new episode of the Ask Allie Podcast!

Crystal Sunshine!

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