Destination Orgasm On Valentine's Day

Destination Orgasm On Valentine's Day

If sex is the journey, then orgasm is the destination. Sure you’re flying in the seat of love, but going on a sexual journey and arriving at that rush of orgasmic euphoria bliss is a wonderful trip. Especially on Valentine’s Day!

Sex may be a journey, but there are different routes to reach your destination!

If you want more orgasms that are more frequent:

  • If it’s a quickie you want, use a lot of lube. He holds a vibrator against a woman’s clit and penetrates from behind.
  • You’d rather be having sex with someone else. Not the best way to spend Valentine’s Day, but go ahead and think of someone else during sex.
  • If you missed out on one during intercourse – masturbate afterwards while your partner watches.

If you want more orgasms that are more intense:

  • Don’t be drunk.
  • Pee before sex.
  • Aim for sequential (one right after the other) orgasms instead of simultaneous.

If you want more multiple orgasms:

  • Men – lower your expectations. Once a woman has an orgasms, it is easier to have more. Men learn to have multiple orgasms through techniques, women are wired for multiple orgasms.
  • Train yourself through masturbation.
  • Alternate stimulation types. Move between oral sex, intercourse, and using your fingers.


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