Desire Webinar

Your sex life doesn’t match up with your social life as you spend more time in your head than in-between the sheets. 

Sex is BORING — or not at all!

Remember back to when you were hungry like the wolf and could fuck like it was the summer of 69?

Desire that flowed through you like Niagara Falls?

I know I did – and I MISSED IT!

Now at 47 not only want to rock all night, but my curiosity and willingness to look outside my comfort zone adds to what I learned about love in the back of a Chevrolet all those years ago. Sex has never been better!

Being in my upper 40’s isn’t a curse, it’s a sexual revolution! 

And I can help you live the same way!

Join me Thursday night (Sept 25th) at 8:30 to 9:30 pm est, to learn 3 ways to bring back desire that doesn’t involve a trip to the adult store or to your doctor!

Did you miss the webinar? Listen to it here:

MP3 File

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