The Desire Package

Are You Ready To Get Your Mojo Back?

The Desire Package


How To Become Sexually Turned On When Your Days Are Full Of Anything But Romance!

Sexual desire in 7 days or less by first cleansing your energy and then tuning in to balance the 4 energies below!

No longer will you be stuck in your head – awaking your passion & desire!

No longer will sex feel like a chore – jumpstart your sex drive & creativity

Ask for what you want – confidence in and outside of the bedroom!

Remove the blocks – to allow love to flow to you and from you.

So You Can Quickly Feel…
  • An awakening of desire.
  • Fueled with passion.
  • Happiness from the inside out.
  • A surge of sexual energy.
  • An increase in abundance.
  • An easy flow to creativity.
  • A switch on of personal power.
  • Confident in the bedroom.
  • A release of past pain.
  • More love to and from you.

Experience A Spike In Desire


What starts as a spike in desire evolves into heightened







that work together to fuel the fire within giving you a healthier life in and out of the bedroom.

What Women Think About The Desire Package
stock-1Mandy Leonardo
Mindset Breakthrough Coach & Hypnotherapist, Los Angeles, CA

“Allie is highly intuitive and a pleasure to work with. She listened closely to me and helped get to the heart of my energetic blocks around relationships. Allie also gave me some flower essences and I’ve noticed that areas where I was blocked have been opening up. I have been becoming aware of the issues more and taking action to resolve them and it feels amazing doing so!”

stock-2Jodi McMurry

“I have had two energy sessions with Allie and both have been accurate and revealing. She helped illuminate where my energy was stuck, and swirling. I love the energy work and gaining clarity but most of all I love and benefit from the practical tools and flower essences. These equip me to harness my power and direct it how I choose too. Using the mudras and the flower essences has awakened my desires, and amplified my energy in every area. I feel like blocks in my lower chakras that I have been trying to heal for decades have finally been unblocked and energy is flowing again. I feel empowered and powerful..”

Project Manager, Texas

“The biggest thing you dealt with was diffusing my abundance of red energy, and I have to say that I felt a shift in my anger after our session. I just don’t feel as angry about things, I don’t obsess over the things that bother me as much as I did before. I have also noticed that I am much more likely to speak up sooner when something upsets me, which means I get over it sooner, as well. This has definitely improved my relationship because I waste less time being upset or angry when we are together. I am taking the flower essence very regularly.”


“Allie’s work with me was amazingly insightful and provided me with ideas about how I can boost or harness my own energy to flow better. Comprehensive info afterward and lovely support. Highly recommend!”

Vancouver, Canada

“Only 36 hours after Allie did my energy, my hubby woke me for some Midnite Lovin’. My first multiple O in months! Feels like I’m getting my groove back! Waahoooo. I haven’t even had a chance to start the homework she gave me yet. Holy cats, this could be total awesomeness!”

Lisa Fraley
Legal Coach (Attorney + Holistic Health Coach),, ME

“Allie, you never cease to amaze me! You can read my energy like CRAZY! It is as if you are in my body reading it from the inside out. Every single thing you said about where my energy is blocked completely resonates with me on the conscious level. You were spot on! I am so impressed with the detailed reports that you provide, including your helpful suggestions for how to support each energy center with the right kinds of essential oils, affirmations, flower essences (and more!) to help free up my energy. I am truly grateful for your incredible talent and for you sharing it with the world.”


The Desire Package Is For Women Who…

  • Feels little or no sexual desire
  • Wants to improve a romantic relationship
  • May be currently single and looking
  • Needs more confidence in the bedroom
  • Desires to remove the blocks to love
  • Is frustrated that she can’t flow with passion
  • Refuses to be the crazy cat lady with 50 + cats, a bottle of boubon, and a sawed-off shotgun!
What You Get With The Desire Package

The goal of The Desire Package is for you to shift and release past pain & blockages + balancing/strengthening your energy to attract the RIGHT partner (if single), improve your current relationship, increase your sexual desire, and infuse your life with passion.

  • 60 min of 1:1 time with Allie
You and I talk about love, sex, & desire. This allows me to get a complete picture of you & your love/sex life. (worth $195)
  • On the spot Energy Cleansing & Balancing
At the end of our call, I clean & balance your 4 energy streams on the spot. (worth $100)
  • Desire Package Resource Guide
A PDF of sex & love mudras, stones, energy exercises, essential oils, & practical exercises for you to keep your energy streams in balance long after our call. (worth $50)
  • Custom-designed Flower Essences Combo
Within 24 hrs of our call I meditate on our discussion and choose which flower essence best match you & your energy from over 3000 essences – it’s customized just for you! (worth: $150)
Once payment is made, we will schedule the 60 min call.

PS: What happens with Allie stays with Allie – our conversations are confidential.

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