Dense People, Dreams And Will!

Dense People, Dreams And Will!

I have tons of email to still wade through — so if you sent something – I hope to get it before I turn 41 in May:)

People baffle me. No really – they do. Especially the way the judge another person without really knowing that person — and especially one they read about on the Internet and has never had a face to face with. In my experience, people tend to bash, ridicule or negatively label someone or a group of someone’s who they are frightened and/or ignorant of. I encounter this a lot where I live – being that it is Amish Hell and I do not fit the “mold” of people who live here. Those who have come to my house or I have met in person and who do not wish to be associated with me (for whatever reason) do not talk to me, change what side of the street they are walking on when they see me and stay away from my home. But those people who find me so bizarre, unstable, crazy or evil-like on the Internet have the nerve to say things against me (on other sites) and then have the nerve TO KEEP COMING BACK to my site – and in particular this blog. What gives?

I don’t get it. Is the person or people that dense? Or could it be that they are afraid I’ll do some “wacky” and they want to keep tabs on me so that they can warn the person (that I’m talking about in the blog at the time) that I may be on my way to find them? What in the hell do they think I’ll do once I find them? Kidnap – murder and eat the evidence? The narrow-mindedness of people just baffles me.

SIGH. But anyways….

After meeting Will last week, my son and I were back in the hotel room and he watched me write in my journal. He asked what I was writing about. I told him – about meeting Will. He asked if I’d read it to him — and I did. Afterwards he said – mom, those are beautiful words. I replied – well when you write from the soul the words naturally come out as beautiful. And no – I’m going to put in the blog what I wrote. It’s for Will only and when the time arrives – I’ll read it to him.

Speaking still of Will – he’s “here” as he always is — but now he is not so much there as before. It’s like I set that path in motion, so now I can focus in on something else. Which, let me tell you, there’s a lot for me to concentrate on. Even though I’m not part of Whispers Media any longer – that time is filled up with writing. I have a lot I want to accomplish in March. Plus, I want to work more on energy healing – learning more – trying to study. It’s difficult to find the time in the day – but some how when you want something bad enough it shows up.

Speaking of which — I have all those books on sex (positions, games, etc…) that I had for Pillow Talk and then the radio show that I was going to do. All of these wonderful books and ideas and no one to try them out with. Hummm……. Of course by doing the show I still had no one to sample with — but at least the darn things were getting used for something:)

I had two odd dreams last night that I “went with” to see how they’d pan out. The 1st my ex husband and my son was in. My ex was again dating someone else – and I guess this was getting old to my son and I — so I whispered to him and called him a male whore – lol. My son told him that more isn’t always better:) Then my son, myself and our animals were in a hillside home (like in the Hollywood Hills) and there was a fire going on down below. We kept staying there as we were told we’d be okay. I remember sitting back on the deck and I could see red lapping up the side of the ledge. My natural response was this was it — time to run. But a woman was there (no idea who) and she said that we’re protected.

Now before we went to bed – we had a nice ice storm going on and the pine tree by our electrical wires was really-really heavy. Of course this made the wire keep bending. We spent the night with flickering power. My son was scared that the lights would go off — so I told him to ask his Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides for help and I’ll ask mine. Well we never lost power – and in fact when I got up, the pine tree was not sagging at all over the wires. Pretty cool:)

My son had a dream last night where he went back to the 1940’s. There he says he met a small boy who was weird. I asked what he meant? He told me that he was really dirty and smelled bad. So I asked – was he poor? He said – yes, and that the boy didn’t have anything to eat. I explained to him that the boy wasn’t weird, just dirty and hungry. My son then went on to say that he asked his Oddparents (it’s a show on Nick where a boy has 2 fairy godparents) to grant his wish of giving the boy lots of food and making him clean. I asked him how it felt to help someone – he said it was great. In fact, now him and the boy are friends and he can go back and visit him at any time.

This launched up into a discussion about dreaming. He asked how his energy body could go so far away, so fast and his real body (aka physical body) could still be alive? I tried to explain to him how limiting the physical body really is and that the energy body has the ability to expand to any size and go anywhere in the blink of an eye. He seemed okay with that.

I foolishly asked my son where he wanted to go for my birthday – NYC or Disneyworld. Now I KNEW better than to ask that loaded question. Of course he picked Disney – what kid wouldn’t? But I want NYC. I’ve never done any sightseeing while I was there — and I’m determined to have this birthday be a good birthday. I haven’t had a good birthday since I was 15 when hosted my last slumber party. They’ve all been a disaster after that – one after one of being ignored by whomever I was with up until my 40th last year and my discovery of my ex’s @ucking activities. So this year I’m determined to have a good time and not be at home. I was telling my friend Betty at the MI convention that I even bought both of my engagement rings – lol. I promised her (and of course myself) that I have a different lease on life — I’m ready to receive:) So maybe my b-day (May 2nd) in NYC and his b-day (July 1st) in Disneyworld. I think that’s fair:)

Off to do several reading, work on writing and maybe put a dent in the emails:)

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 😉

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