Death, Dave, Dunshire And Change!

Death, Dave, Dunshire And Change!

I know, I know….my posts are too few — too far in-between. Sorry guys, it’s not like anything metaphysical has been going on, it’s just that I’ve been too busy to post. My daily to-do list is insane and it will stay that way until I can get caught up.

I received my piece of Heliodor yesterday. It’s a fine piece of golden beryl, but unfortunately for me, too small to be put into the 3 stone pendant. So I decided to place it next to my bedside along with my other stone spirits. I tell you what – my nights have been just as busy as my days. I am astral traveling all over the place. I woke up with a start last night as my astral body slammed back into my physical body. That feeling of falling and then that “thud” I just hate. But when I opened my eyes, I could have sworn, just for a second that Bill was standing next to my bed looking down at me — and then he was gone. What I wouldn’t have done just to keep him there a bit longer.

My deceased friend Dave has been doing a lot of visiting as of late. He’s always around, so much so that you would have thought we were lovers at one time. But sadly no — always in the friends department. But I would have rather been there then no where at all. Any way – Dave has been looking over my shoulder as I work. Scaring the crap out of my cats — and at night he always extends his hand to help me out of my body. I keep telling him he needs to go visit his wife and children. He tells me his wife has moved on and the kids are at an age where they don’t see him any more. Out of the thousands of people this man knew when he was a fireman and a police officer – he says that I’m the only one who is listening.

I think that’s a shame. I mean this guy knew scores of people — his funeral was jammed packed full of people, fire engines and police officers from all over Ohio. You would think that the people who face death on a daily basis would believe more in life after death – would have more of an open mind. But he says no — and he didn’t have that open mind either when he was alive. Dave also tells me that he is around for my radical life shift. I ask if this is going to hurt — he says yes it will – but I’ll come through stronger than I am now. I feel like I’m on my way to being Xena – the Warrior Princess 🙂

And speaking of the above…I belong to several book clubs. Normally I’m on it about declining my main selection if I don’t want it. Well for one the of the clubs I forgot and the books arrived yesterday: “Keep Going, The Art of Perseverance” and “Life After Death”. A coincidence? I don’t believe that things just happen – there are reasons behind everything. The books are here to help me also with this change I’m going to go through. If this change involves a death of someone – and although I KNOW that there is life after death – I still do not do death well at all. I mean – I’m really not good with it. On the outside it looks like I’ve got it all handled, but as soon as I’m alone, I fall apart. SIGH. Heck – I never did look at Dave’s obituary until yesterday – 3 years after the fact and I cried as if it just happened. Reading it, I realized he died right where my husband and I went for our anniversary. I probably drove right past the spot.

My guide Jezell has been visiting me a lot. She is helping me with my muse. Working on book 4 of the Gypsy Magic series as well as starting a new screenwriting class this weekend and I THINK that I’ve finally found the story I like with my gypsy teen Kyra. Sometimes things appear to take forever to fall into place — but they eventually do.

Ahhh..I knew that there was something else I wanted to add before I went to bed. Dunshire Castle — I had another flash vision which told me how the fire was set. I guess the trip that Ted was to take to England was just a diversion to get him out of the castle. Once he was out of sight, the tower that my son and I were in was blocked and then set on fire. The family who set it wanted the castle and the land — and Ted wasn’t giving it to him. This family figured that with the wife and son gone, that he’d be so broken hearted that he would just leave the castle — and then they would step in. This is what happened – Ted left and never looked back.

Well heck — there is one more item before I sign off. Two nights ago my son went to sit on my lap in my office chair like we do all the time. But this time — the chair broke and down we went. My chair is in a corner, the wall is right behind me and next to me is a dresser that I have a lot of stuff in and on. Well when we went down my head snapped forward and my right shoulder took the corner of the dresser. My neck is killing me, my headache won’t go away and I have a huge bruise beneath my right shoulder blade. Yep, whiplash from a chair. Only me — only me. I wonder if Bill and Ted’s necks hurt – or they got this headache without knowing why? Hummm…..I’m always wondering stuff like this.

You know what I don’t get? Why I get more visits to this blog when I DON’T post then when I DO? Odd…very odd!

And on that note – I’m going to bed. Yes – I am still way behind in emails and I’ll never get caught up at this rate.

Sweet dreams!

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 😉

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