We want to have it all – great career, kids (pets or both), travel, romance, and great sex. For as long as I can remember women are pushed to believe that we can have it all. The great career, the love of our life, & fantastic sex. In theory it is doable. All of it. When you have the right frame of mind to have it all, your energy shifts so that you get it all.

But in practicality – we cannot have it all – no one can. When we try to have the best in all areas and try to be our best in all areas – we fail – miserably.

And nothing takes the hit more then our sex drive.

We get overwhelmed, stressed out, and shut down. It takes an act of Congress to try to kick-start our sexual desire (if you know anything about the US gov’t is that it take *&^^$ forever to get anything through Congress)!

So Allie – tell me what can I do to reverse the damage and get my sex drive back on track?

I’m glad you asked!

The Three Things You Can Do TODAY To Revive Your Sex Drive

  1. Grab a piece of paper & make 2 lists: personal & professional – write down everything you do in a week.
  2. Number each item on your list in the order of importance.
  3. Everything under labeled 5 and down – delegate. The larger the number, the more someone else needs to do it for you.

Do me a favor and look back at your personal list – is sex on it? If so – what number is it? It SHOULD be in your top #5. As should FUN.


I can hear you – you know. You’re saying – in theory Allie, this is great. But I do not have the $$$ to delegate. Don’t have the $$$ then chop it up into tiny bits over the week or weeks. Will your house fall apart if you don’t clean one week? Or mow the lawn? If that was the case I’d be homeless. Will the shuttle police arrive if you’re not a taxi to your kid all week? NO! Get together with other moms and car pool. I can guarantee that they’re not thrilled to be a taxi service either.

The point here is you cannot do it all – so stop trying.

Stop stressing out.

Instead enjoy life – have sex – connect with your partner or find someone new if you’re single.

Life is about JOY. Marketers & advertisers want you to believe that life is about having it all. How else are they going to sell you stuff you don’t need and can’t afford? How else are they going to kill your sex drive & relationships and then offer you products to fix them?

Love Life – Have Sex

(that’s my motto)

Have a fabulous week!

Allie 🙂 xo

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