Dave, Will And Look Out For February!

Dave, Will And Look Out For February!

I really needed to take a step back today and do a session. So I grabbed by healing wand, turned off the phones and settled in. As soon as the session began I arrived at the beach that I used to frequent all the time and meet my guides. Although this time no guides where there but my deceased friend Dave was waiting for me. He gave me a hug and turned me towards the water. He said something to the effect that I’m a busy person and slapped me on the shoulder (like guys do to one another when they say hi). I commented that it hurt — and he told me to stop being such a baby.

Dave went on to say that Feb will be an explosive month for me. I ask – good or bad? He said it depends on who you ask. For me — is it a good month? Yes and no was his reply. I tell him that’s not an answer – he says it’s the only one he’s got. I ask about Bill – Dave shook his head — Ted — he shook his head again — Will??? He did nothing but stared straight ahead. I grabbed the guy and shook him — what about Will? Feb will be a good month for him. Does it have something to do with me? I can’t tell you – Dave replied. How can you know anything anyways seeing you’re not one of my guides and you certainly are not an angel (he chuckled). You’d be amazed at what you know once you’re dead – he smiled that cocky smile he always did in high school.

Well if you know so darn much — tell me! Give me something to go on. He shook his head — no can do — it’s against the rules. If I tell you what I know, then you’ll focus in on that and neglect doing what needs to be done in order for it to arrive in the first place.

Crap – I said.

Yep – he said. This month is nothing compared to the rest of the year. You’d better eat your Wheaties because you are going to be one busy girl.

We heard a bell chime in the distance.

Got to go – he announced. Oh – sorry about the door last night, I was just having fun.


He smiled – talk to you later sunshine.

And that was that.

Dang that Dave! My office door would not stay shut last night at all. No matter what was tried – it still opened. In the middle of the night I got up, chased the cats out of the office and tried it again — this time it stayed shut.

Busier than I am now? Hopefully I’ll be able to keep my sense of humor:) But I am looking forward to meeting Will. I wonder what happens to make Feb. a good and a bad month for me? It’s right around the corner so I guess I’ll be finding out soon!

My sex chat went well last night on The L Word’s Second Life, until the server crashed! Too many people chatting at once — the world had about 20,000 people on it. That’s a hefty amount of typing. If you didn’t get a chance to stop by last night, I’ll be chatting it up with everyone on Monday’s starting at 8:00 pm EST. The link to the software should be in the entry before this one.

Dreams – last night I’m still in that swanky hotel. I keep walking around with a book and I’m reading it — jotting down notes. This book has a deep red cover. I’m really into this book – so much so that I’m not speaking to anyone else in the hotel. Maybe tonight I’ll be able to grasp more of the dream.

Back to work I go!

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 😉

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