Dating, A Bit Shocked And Stuff!

Dating, A Bit Shocked And Stuff!

I’m shocked — I am — really. Not one person – not ONE took advantage of my confession time yesterday. This tells me that 1) You guys are too damn smart and already figured it out 2) Don’t give a damn 3) Give a damn but was afraid of the karma law kicking in as you KNOW you’d tell someone! But at any rate, I don’t see the opportunity coming around again any time soon. Of course – I never thought this one would come up – LOL. So who knows?

My ex continues to trash me – it’s so very pathetic. He even had the nerve to have one of his whores meet him and my son out yesterday. Am I taking the high road? I sure am trying. Did I mention to him to socialize on his own time? You betcha ya. We’ll see – the man wouldn’t know how to tell the truth even if his life depended on it.

Men continue to be scared off by my dating profiles – LOL. Thus far it appears that the men in my area want a lazy, dumb woman who can’t tell when a man is lying. So not me. I’ll have to expand my search. Of course out of the blue yesterday my son and I had this conversation:

Him – Did you call Bill yet?
Me – No – I don’t know his number.
Him – It’s time for you two to get married and to have another baby. Ted will help.

Now when I asked the kid how Ted will help (so many scenarios went through my mind – lol), he just shrugged and walked off. The kid hasn’t mentioned Bill or Ted in at least 6 months, so I was really surprised when he started that conversation. But from his mouth to the Divine’s ears:)

Last night I had an interesting dream – and I actually wrote it down! I was being set up on a blind date. When I saw the man come walking towards me, I thought he was a guy I went to high school with – Dave Dietry. He hugged a woman, the woman who was in charge of the dinner – and my surprise date – and I knew it was Dave. Same good looks – even though they were hidden under a well trimmed beard and moustache — but the guy was still hot after all these years. He came over to me and he knew who I was immediately and gave me a hug. I had on my perfume (Tuscany) and he took a whiff of it and purred in my ear how good I smelled. I remember feeling the butterflies in my stomach and asking myself if I’m dreaming — because I had to be. Then I stared at him and realized how close to Ted he looked.

Then the dream shifted to me showing someone my office. It was in an old building – a building that was old and very cool. Myself and a woman went into an office, 530, and it was a good size. I assumed it was my office. I was looking around and noticed a stereo and then a man’s leather soft sided briefcase (the kind that slings over your shoulder) and I knew that this wasn’t my place. So me and this woman went in search of my office and we found one office sliced down the middle with the numbers 531 & 532. I opened 532 and it was my office – very apparent that I hadn’t been there in a very long time. There was a vase of flowers -and they were all dead but a strand of purple flowers – still alive. I wish I could remember what type of flowers they were. They reminded me of lilacs (which is my favorite). Somehow the number 613 came into play, but I can’t remember how.

After I woke up I went to and posted that I am looking for Dave. His name has popped into my head several times in the last couple of weeks — and now with that dream — who knows? I really haven’t thought about him in over 20 years.

I have a web cam now on my computer. I have no idea how to use the silly thing:)

I’m going to offer more readings via Skype and Second Life.

We are so close to closing a winger of a deal for my co = Whispers Media! I get to be as raunchy and as bad as I want (writing wise)! I LOVE it!

Oh – BTW – completely off the depression meds – have been since last Sat:)

Off for some dinner and CSI!

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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