First Date Conversation Starters

First Date Conversation Starters

First dates. They are a mix of excitement, nervousness, more excitement and a lot of dread. Not dread so much as “Oh God I do not want to go on this date!” More like “Holy crap, what do I say to someone on a first date?”

As a person who has been on numerous first dates (so far I haven’t met anyone worthy for date two) they can be very awkward. Too many people in their nervous haze talk on and on about themselves and in particular – exes! Bad move all the way around.

Touching on a past relationship or two is peachy. It’s when you drone on about them is when the red flags come out faster than flag football! Other areas to stay clear of on a first date include politics and religion.

So what can you do to start a conversation without throwing in the flag?

From I found these conversation starters:

  • You look really nice, where did you get (item in question) from?
  • Have you seen any movies recently? How did you like it/them?
  • What kind of music do you listen to/ are interested in?
  • What sports do you play or like? How long have you played for?
  • What kind of foods do you like?
  • Have you read any good books lately? Was it interesting?
  • What’s one place you haven’t travelled to yet that you really want to go?

Let the conversation roll from there. Don’t try too hard to impress – it’s obvious and not 2nd date worthy. Just be yourself.

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