Lordy, lordy…when it rains it pours here at the Allie household. Not that I mind when it’s OBE sex that seems to be frequent – but it kind of interferes with the flow of the day – ya know? Last night a new guy showed up in my dreams. He’s tall, dark hair and dark brown eyes. He may be Cuban, I don’t know. But I was surprised that he let me see his face. Most new people if I let them in, don’t want me to know what they look like (or hope to look like), they just want me to feel their energy. I asked him his name – he said Danny.

The dream went on for a while – more on that in Allie’s Two Cents. But the dream sex part, we were on a dance floor. It was very dark, the music was salsa and he was teaching me how to dance. It was all very sexual, the way our bodies moved – the grinding and swaying – clothed foreplay. He danced me into a corner – we were both so turned on. I had on a skirt (which in my physical life, rarely ever happens) and no panties. In the blink of an eye, my skirt was up by my waist, his pants were down and he had me hiked up in the corner. His thrusts went in rhythm with the music — the faster the music, the harder and faster he went – the slower the music – the slower he went. I kept looking around to see if anyone was noticing us — but they all seemed to be busy doing their own thing. It was almost like one big orgy on the dance floor.

His fingers dug into my butt cheeks as the music beat sped up. He spoke something in Spanish I didn’t understand, but it really didn’t matter as I was pretty focused on holding onto his shoulders. I’m sure I was digging in but it didn’t seem to bother him a bit. Man – he had my energy body on high alert.

As the music came to a climatic end – so did we.

Even though this happened last night – I still cannot get his brown, soulful eyes out of my mind.

I’d better learn Spanish:)

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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