Danny And The Rainbow!

Danny And The Rainbow!

Will has said that he’s cutting me off OBE sex wise — or at least slowing it down. Seems that his energy is supposed to be used more as a muse than as OBE sex. Now – how can one misinterpret someone kissing them? How is that not supposed to make me/we think about sex? My guide Edward – who is chatting in my ear – says that we both have to learn to shift the energy into more or a muse fashion instead of OBE sex. BS is my reply. I don’t see why a person cannot have both? He says he’ll take it under advisement. HA!

Plus Will said he talked to Bill, Ted and Matt and all agreed not to lend me any OBE sex fun. BUT — Will must not know about Danny🙂

Danny can be my affair — lol — I find that funny for some reason:)

Today I could hear Danny calling to me. Who am I to say no to a hot Cuban man?

I find him in the middle of the woods, under a big oak tree, in a pair of jeans, a button down – long sleeve – blue shirt and bare feet. He has a goofy looking grin on his face.

Danny says – looks like it’s going to rain.

What? Is my reply.

The rain drops start to fall – big elephant size drops. He grabs my hand and says – run! As we are running – the rain drops turn into a steady downpour. No lighting, no thunder — just rain.

We’re still running and I tell him — can’t you come up with a cabin? He laughs and says no.

The sun comes out – it’s still raining and a rainbow appears.

He says – because if I did, then we wouldn’t be under the rainbow. And I’ve always wanted to kiss a beautiful woman until the rainbow.

Danny grabs me, and with rain pouring down all over us, he gives me the kind of kiss that would melt the north pole. My 1st thought is that his mouth is global warming – lol. But man — it was a great kiss.

He smiles at me and says – I want to try something. He turns into a ball of energy and asks me to do the same. I do and he merges with me to lift us up to the rainbow. So now we’re inside the rainbow.

Imagine that I’m inside of you – he telepathically says to me.

Not a difficult task as my energy field feels like it is high on pop rocks — and that energy transfers to my physical body.

Ready? He asks.

For? My reply.


And it was as if I heard someone snap their fingers and an explosion of energy shot through me with such force that it brakes the connection.

All I could say was — wow!!

Affairs do have a wow factor to them:)

Damn — Edward…he says that isn’t going to happen again. Boy – my guides are tough, aren’t they?

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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