Damn that Bill — My Big Toe!

Damn that Bill — My Big Toe!

I went through most of the day today with nothing more exciting than a semi-blistered right little toe. I had gotten a new pair of walking shoes the other day and I decided to break them in on Thursday. Well – OUCH! After I finished my 2 miles, my little toes were just throbbing in pain. I put band-aids on and went about my day – thinking nothing of it. Friday came, my left little toe – back to normal…but my right – almost. So what does my little right toe have to do with any of my spiritual development? Nothing…everything. Today it felt like something smashed into or on my right toe – I was sitting down at the time so I knew that I didn’t it do anything. The pain in my toe grew – I looked at it and right before my eyes the blister grew and turned red (like there is blood inside). This thing is now killing me. So what happened? What always happens when I have an injury that I cannot explain – Bill or Ted. My money is on Bill – he has more banged up body parts than areas that have never been injured. I REALLY wish he’d learn to chill a bit so I could quit getting hurt.


A couple of hours ago I had a flash vision of Bill, Ted and I going camping. It was really funny – as Bill and I are experienced campers (I LOVE to hike and camp) and Ted is well – prefers more luxurious accommodations. The scene I witnessed was Bill coming back from fishing and handing Ted the fish to clean. Ted dug right in – but I thought he was going to blow a gasket! Ted actually got further than I would of since I am a wimp:) Good thing I was taking care of the rest of dinner!

Then the vision flashed back (but it was in the future compared to today) and Bill arrived at the Polo Lounge at the Beverly Hills Hotel for a meeting. My sister Nicole works there (she actually does right now) as a hostess and seats him. He asks her if they’ve ever met. She replies that he must have her confused with her older sister. She walks away and he starts in on his meeting. However, he keeps his eye on her and that’s when it dawns on him – she looks like me, but thinner. He has put another puzzle piece in place.

In time we’ll know if either of these visions manifest themselves – I hope they both do!

Until tomorrow…

Crystal Sunshine!

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