Crystal Skulls, Atlantis And Destiny!

Crystal Skulls, Atlantis And Destiny!

I’m feeling much better today. My voice is back and my brain appears to have kicked into gear. Good thing too as I’m letting too many things slip in my busyness – including updates to this blog!

I took my healing wand and sat for a short spell, when I was being drawn into the brilliant white light. The Goddess Brigit is there and she welcomes me with open arms. I am asked if I have been writing down my dreams. I tell her that I’ve been so tired that I’m not remembering anything to write down. By the time I open my eyes all dream memories have already faded. She tells me that this is a problem with both Bill and Ted too – something that we have to get a handle on as our dreams are the key to the next step. We’re not going to find the correct path to take if we do not remember what is being shown to us during our dreams.

Brigit has me look over to my right. I can see Bill and I in a very old store – I can hear Spanish being spoken. The place is dark, dirty and there are thousands of books, objects all around. Bill find a leather-bound book and calls me over. We are looking through it (Brigit and I are watching us) and it is the map we had been seeking for the path to the room in order to find Atlantis. I can hear someone calling my name — it is a faint whisper, male, but it is very persistent. I watch me tell Bill I’ll be right back and I slowly walk around the shop.

In the very back there is an overcrowded bookshelf. By the time I have reached here, there is a loud buzzing that is accompanying my name being called. Both are very loud. I am moving objects around and I find a crystal skull. It is a beauty – as clear as water, under all the dust. I pick it up and the buzzing & my name being called stops cold. There is a strange glow from within the skull – almost as if it were a heart beating. There is a circle in the center with twelve spokes going from the center of the circle to the outer edges, making it look like a wagon wheel. The size of the skull is the same size as a human.

I look over at Brigit as I’m keeping an eye on me holding the skull – the me holding the skull has a sharp intake of breath and my knees buckle. I ask Brigit what is happening to me. She says that the skull is tuning back into its master and the souls are connecting — the human body is having a hard time with all of the energy. With a wave of the hand, the scene goes away.

I turn to her and comment — that is not THE skull – is it? She smiles. I shake my head — I don’t want this responsibility. It’s not yours to accept or deny — it is what it is. Remember your dreams. She fades from view.

Can I say @uck? The myth of the crystal skulls must have a direct connection to Atlantis. If you have never heard of the skull legend – it goes something like this: there are 13 crystal skulls, origin unknown, that when brought together will unlock the mysteries of the universe – giving the person/people who have the skulls unlimited potential. The 12 sit in a circle with the 13th – and larger skull – in the center.

What I got from the vision is that the union of the skulls must help bring Atlantis back – or leads us to it. Something along those lines. It could be that the last skull is in the Atlantis Time Capsule, that we find by following the map in that book that Bill found.

I don’t know — I simply don’t know. I did though find a crystal skull over the weekend that I just loved — but didn’t purchase as it was out of my price range. Most would think that this is a coincidence – me finding the skull and then having this vision – but I have learned that there are no coincidence in life. Things happen because they are supposed to happen.

And on that note — back to work I go!

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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