We’ve all heard of vision boards that map out the life we want – but have you ever created a Creative Vision Board? It’s super for those who rely on their creativity to put food on their table. 

This is as simple as pie 🙂

  1. Take whiteboard or at least some sort of sturdy backing to use (i.e. cardboard, construction paper taped together).
  2. Close your eyes and imagine what your creativity will bring to you. Happiness? Security? A new car? New home? Vacation? Recording contract? Book deal? Movie being filmed? Be specific. This are ONLY the direct results of what will happen if you are using your creativity to it’s highest level. NOT what you want your whole life to be. 
  3. Now that you are focused on what your creativity will bring, find or draw the PICTURES that will convey it and post them on your board along with any WORDS that help form images. 
  4. Post your Creative Vision Board in your creative space. 
Update as needed!
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