Wow – I can’t believe it’s been almost a month since I wrote in here. Shame on me!

I have been working diligently on several projects. One I cleaned up Took away a lot of stuff, condensed my offerings, added in a shopping cart and placed the radio show, podcast and newsletter on the home page. I also put a Soul Mate video up so that you can learn what a soul mate is and how to attract them 🙂

The Universal Light Expo was excellent! A lot of great people were there – old friends and brand new ones too! Something unexpected happened too – but I’ll get to that in a few minutes.

My talk on “Unleash Your Sexual Energy” went well despite the power point equipment not working. After the workshop – when the 2nd person asked — where’s your book on sexual energy? I got it. I have to write one. After person #30 – I told the universe that I got the hint.

Next month I’m going to be a part of “National Novel Writing Month”. I’m determined to write a novel next month. It’s going to be the 1st novel in my DREAMERS series about Atlantis. I’m pretty psyched. Because I have set my mind to do this – I keep dreaming about it. I almost have the whole thing worked out – outline wise – so I can jump on it Nov 1st!

After that is written in Nov, I’ll edit in Dec as I write the sexual energy book. Then when sexual energy is done, OBE sex will be started. My goal is to query agents or just submit to publishers who are not anal about agents about Dreamers in Jan.

Now back to what happened unexpectedly at the ULE. Before last weekend, only once in my life have I ever felt the pull or tractor beam of another person. It was 2008 and it was Will. That pull never surprised be because I knew of the connection and I understood why it was there. He, on the other hand, was confused. LOL. But that’s ok. When he is supposed to know about the connection and what it means – he will.

Now over the weekend this same pull happened to me on Sat. But it wasn’t just felt by me – it was also felt by him. I’ll call him — Gary — only because I don’t know if he’d be comfortable with me using his real name. I felt him approach my booth before he even arrived. I was right in the middle of a reading and it was like WHAM. I glanced up – saw him – he smiled at me and I knew right then and there I had to get to know him better. It was an immediate decision on my part to find out about him.

After he came by another time – I asked Michele who he was (I was still in the same reading). She didn’t know. I told her to go find out. She did (bless her heart). From that moment on we kept just missing each other. I’d go look for him – he’d be  in a workshop. He come and look for me – I’d be out of the booth. The last time I left the booth I told Michele – he’s going to come by when I’m gone. When he does – grab him and make him stay. Bless her again – she did 🙂 When I got back those two were chatting up a storm.

I arrived and Michele left to go walk around. Gary and I talked – amazed at the pull we had to one another and curious why it happened. I had several people that day (and Sunday) as if he was my boyfriend. When I said no – we just met – they were amazed. Our energy syncs with one another. Over the weekend we kept running into one another at the expo. When we have a chance we’re going to meet up for dinner.

What is this connection? Don’t know. But what I do know is that it’s important. Maybe he’s here to help me grow – maybe I’m to help him. Help one another. Past life connections – certainly. I’m going along with my motto in “Go with the flow” and just enjoying this relationship in whatever capacity it may be. The pull, connection and need to know all came about for a reason. Eventually we’ll both know what that reason happens to be.

It’s good to be writing here again. Have a great weekend!

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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