College, Destiny Markers, and Strange Dreams!

College, Destiny Markers, and Strange Dreams!

College is over! Yay! I’m pretty damn proud of myself. This was a Destiny Marker that I took the scenic route to complete – but at least I finally did! If I was going to graduation it would be this weekend — but I’d rather spend Mother’s Day with my mother and our family.

I’ve known that me getting my BA was a Destiny Marker as soon as I discovered DM. I knew that my life would be on hold until I went back. But man I didn’t want to go. I bitched about it – was pissed. Until that one day driving back home from MI and it occurred to me what to go back for — psychology. Now that this important milestone is done – I expect things to start moving.  That’s what happens when you have a DM that you try to avoid – you get stuck. I know a lot of people who are stuck – but I can only point out so much.

Starting next week I will be on Keen Tues, Wed & Thurs 10 – 2:30 pm – with some wiggle room in case I have to run to the store in the morning or the dogs need out. If you want 3 min free let me know. There is a Keen “phone” on the from of Gypsy Advice that alerts you to when I’m available.

Remember that Monday I’m not sure if I will have a podcast or not. Depends how my past life regression turns out. Looking forward to visiting Atlantis.

The energy that was with me last week starting on Thursday was crazy. I couldn’t sleep – almost not at all. It all started when Rick popped into my head and it just grew and grew. When I did doze off, it was like I was in the middle of a Bruce Willis movie – things blowing up, people trying to chase me down and kill me. I remember one part when I dodged one guy just to round a corner and there was someone else – I screamed “Come on now”  and I woke up. LOL.

But after I had a realization on this past Wed that I’ll be loved unconditionally by the “guys” for eternity – the energy turned to normal. As much as my energy is normal.

It just dawned on me – when Rick popped into my head last week – so did the thought – be the flame – be the magnet. My 1st thought was that I was the soul who is supposed to gather everyone. So I concentrated on my inner flame increasing 100% – up and out into the world around me. THEN the energy went nuts. It just dawned on me because I heard the message again just now. Universe — I have to sleep. Maybe tomorrow. Hell – who am I kidding. Hold on a sec.

That’s so weird when I do that. I can see each other their faces very clear as their energy merges with mine.I was tired – but not now. Well, my mind isn’t tired – my body is very tired.

Off to go spend some time with my son before it’s bed time. Night all!

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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