Love vampires? (Seriously – who doesn’t? Well, besides werewolves) Happily co-exist with them!

Granted vampires are not supposed to enter your dwelling without your invitation. But what do you do with them once they’re inside? Give them an offering in exchange for something – whether it be your soul, or the soul’s of others.

On a TABLE or SHELF place a LIT GOLD or YELLOW CANDLE at each end. In the middle a pinch of BLOOD on a plate, glass of MILK (dairy, coconut, rice but no soy) and some Halvah(this stuff is sooooooo good!). Next to the food – on paper, written out, put in between the candles – what you would like in exchange for the offering.

Make sure the candles are out before you fall asleep or if not – that the flames are protected with a glass enclosure.

Repeat as needed!

(This spell was on my old site — I thought seeing that it is October it was a good time to post it)

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