Cleopatra, U2 and a New Soul Circle Member!

Cleopatra, U2 and a New Soul Circle Member!

What a weekend! I’ve been a good girl – ignoring email and getting a move on all of the things that must get done the weekend. So if you’ve email me in the last several days, hold tight, I’ll get back with ya! Friday night I had to contend with the “poor little me I feel so alone” crap from myself. Thank God that only lasted a few hours. The reason it didn’t last long, I believe, is because Robert kept after me all day to make myself a new flower essence blend. I still put it off. Then Friday night I heard from two of my flower essence friends – I finally said – FINE ROBERT! And made the blend. I felt better immediately. (sigh) I know, I know – I should of listened to him sooner — but my focus and stubbornness for what I wanted to complete kept getting in my way. I mean – who had the time? Anywho, normally it takes a day or two for Robert to finally get through to me – this only took 1/2 a day. An improvement.

So what essences did I use? They were all from Green Hope Farms. I got all of my essence out – but the angels and elements said no — just the red box. So I pulled out bottlebrush, re-union, watchman, green envy, bachelors buttons, coffee, honeysuckle, jade, shadowblow and sansevieria. Placed them in my dosage bottle along with a double terminated Herkimer and there you have it!

Robert has also been giving me some advice on a few other things. He strongly suggested that I email the archeologist whose team has been excavating Alexandria now for many years and ask about Cleopatra and a ruby sphere. So I did. I’ll let you know if I hear back. Secondly he wants me to get a hold of a gentleman that runs a past life list I am on and ask him who is doing research on past lives and if there is anyone who would be interested in doing research with me and with my past lives. I haven’t done this yet – although I probably will. He may think that I’m insane – but he’s not the 1st and certainly won’t be the last. I would love to collaborate with someone who is a past life regressionist and is interested in learning more about Joan of Arc and/or Cleopatra – with my regressions we could write a couple of books together. Can you imagine the information I have stored in my soul just waiting for someone to open up those portals and take me through? Wow – it’s mind boggling.

I made yet another amazing discovery this weekend. I was jamming to VERTIGO by U2 and another door opened up – I discovered who another member of my soul circle is. He’ll be 46 this year and as far a I know — is not friends with either Bill or Ted — although they are in the same type of business – just different avenues of employment. I was actually quite stunned with this knowledge – but knew I was correct by the number of chills I had at that moment of realization. Hummm…what’s a good name for him? Larry it is. Larry, I believe, has been to this blog on several occasions. I wonder if he’s thinking — why am I here? And why do I keep coming back? I know that I get puzzled when I’m drawn to a particular person or place without any tangible evidence on a why. I have direct access to Larry, although we live in different parts of the world. Not sure what I’m going to do here – if anything. Just as I typed that – I heard Robert say that I will do something — HA — he wants me to email him. Why do guides have to make everything sound so easy?

I issued a press relase about my podcast – ASK ALLIE and got a good chunk of new listeners!

My book, “Gypsy Magic for the Lover’s Soul” is now on

Have a great day!

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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