Cleopatra, The Crystal Cavern and Caesar!

Cleopatra, The Crystal Cavern and Caesar!

I am quickly being taken into a large cave. It’s dark, yet around the perimeter it gives off a soft white glow. Very odd. I can move through the cave with no problems – it is chilly, but not unbearable. I follow the cave until it exits into a very lush, green landscape. It is warm inviting – I see woodland animals and birds all around. A robin perches itself on a tree limb and sings a small tune – flies off. Everything is in bloom, the flowers, the trees — I can hear water not too far off.

I follow the sound of the water and I’m now in the crystal cavern. Not sure how I got here. I turn around and try to find an opening, but there isn’t any. I hear a soft voice – the way out is hidden. I turn and see a captivating woman in a long dress of what appears to be made of silk. I ask – why is it hidden? She says because if it was not – too many when try to enter the portal and it would ruin the power within. I ask if this is the same crystal cavern that I’ve been to on many occasions. She says yes. I ask who are you? She calls herself Alexandria. Her skin looks olive or tan, with dark shoulder length hair and deep brown eyes. Reminds me a lot of me – only much thinner and taller and well — more pure I suppose. She holds out her hands and I take them. She asks me if I’m ready? For what I ask. She pulls her towards a wall telling me that there are hidden portals all over this place, it depends where I want to go and what I want to see where. I am permitted to use all the doors here. As we get closer to the wall, a light image of a door way appears – we go through it.

I’m now in Egypt. I look down at myself and I am me – but not me. I am much thinner, younger – but still female. I have on a very rich looking dress with jewelry on me. I look over and I’ll be dammed – there is that ruby sphere. I look at Alexandria to ask her what it is. And a servant girl asks me what I need. So I am to assume that no one can see Alexandria but me – as this Egyptian person. A man enters my tent and says that I will be seen now. I follow him into another tent. Standing over a table looking at scrolls is no other than Julius Caesar. He looks at me and asks what’s wrong. Now in my mind I’m thinking – this is fricken insane. No way is he Caesar and no way am I here. He stares at me some more I see Bill’s eyes in Caesar’s eyes (if that makes any sense). Caesar wants to discuss land – either acquiring or splitting and is disturbed because I am not there looking at these maps with him. I glance over at Alexandria and say – no.

With that we are back at the crystal cavern. I look at her — I am not Cleopatra. No way. That for me is too far fetched. Joan of Arc – okay. Some sort of saint (who I haven’t figured out yet) when Jesus was alive – maybe…but Cleopatra?? Come on! Bill as Caesar? That would make Ted – Antony. Even I can’t wrap my mind around this. I’m a stay at home mom in Wooster — how do you expect me to live up to this??

She says — that’s just it — you are much more than you see. With that she fades and I’m done.

Okay – you know how I can relate to things, absorb them, mull it around and then agree to them? Well- THIS is a big problem for me. I can’t even begin to believe this one. Why? What’s so far fetched about this that the rest aren’t? I don’t know?? What I do know is the chills I feel, the body shakes –all those signs that tell me I’m right has me freaking right now.

BTW…the book (Gypsy Magic for the Lover’s Soul) is up on right now…how FUN is that???

You have noticed – or not – that my site keeps going up and down. The psychic scam board is not working again and neither is juicecaster. Well – some hackers got into the servers and have been playing around. I’ve been moved to a secure server now – but things are still not working right. The last psychic scam board got damaged and had to be deleted – so trying to start it again.

If it isn’t one thing it’s another.

Food for thought today — food for thought…

Have a great day!

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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