In my popular post Sharing Intimate Energy , I talked about understanding how the intimate energy of others can effect you. Often people are worried about getting pregnant, an STD, or HIV. Unless you know about energy ahead of time, you wouldn’t give a second thought about catching someone else’s foul energy. Or even worse than that, being negatively infected by the energy of the person he or she had sex with before he or she was with you!

So what’s a person to do when absorbing another’s energy? Clean it — that’s what!

No – you cannot get out the soap and water to rinse away this gunk. But you can…

  1. Burn frankincense and smudge your body and your room. If you’ve never smudged yourself before – or just finished up with a one night stand (or if you’re involved in an affair), do this 1x a day for a week. Then once a month should suffice. Frankincense will clean out the bad energy and strengthen your energy.
  2. If frankincense is nowhere to be found: sage, or sandalwood/myrrh will do.
  3. Take the flower essence Bottlebrush from Green Hope Farm. This flower essence will clean your energy inside and out!
  4. Run a bath with very warm (but not hot) water. Put in 6 drops of each: frankincense, eucalyptus, geranium, and ginger. Soak in the tub for 15 min. This will clean out, protect it, and stimulate it to bring more good than bad to you.
  5. Close your eyes and imagine a white light circling around you for several minutes. Then take the white light inside of you through one of your chakras. See the white light scrub you from the inside. See the black soot pour out and away. Once the black is no longer flowing, take the white light back out of you via your crown chakra, and see it clean around you. Once you can no longer see black soot at all, you can release the white light.

Once you have your energy cleaned, keep cleaning it periodically if you have an open sex relationship – or if you suspect your other half of cheating.

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