Charka's, Ted and a Revealing Conversation!

Charka's, Ted and a Revealing Conversation!

Today’s session was really out of the norm for me. I grabbed my wand to go sit with it and I heard a voice say no. I asked – no wand? Yes. Okay – I put it back. I go to sit again on my pillow and I hear – no. I’m thinking no pillows? No crystals. Okay – this is odd – so I put back the 3 crystals. I try again to sit on the pillows and I hear – no. Now what? I hear – no meditation. What is this guide talking about – no meditation? Why the heck not? Then it hit me (in a manner of speaking).

I jumped into a vision without any need to meditate. It was more of a trance. This is what happened.

Archangel Raphael was waiting for me in the clouds. He asks me if I’m ready? I say yes. I can sense what feels like a force field (for lack of a better phrase) surrounding me with white light. I take his hand and we emerge into an area of a city that I would not want to walk in the daylight with a machine gun in my hand. So much negative energy and fear in this place. It smells musty — dirty. We enter into what I assumed was an abandoned apartment building.

Not abandoned I come to find out – but it should be condemned and knocked down. We enter into an apartment and there is an older woman – say around 60 – lying back in a recliner. No one has come to check on her in days – she is sitting in her own filth. I don’t have to ask why we’re there – I know she needs my healing help so that she can take care of herself. She has a strong will and mind – it’s her body that gave out on her.

From earlier today – I had a realization that I am to combine a color or colors with the white light to heal someone (not just green which is what I previous assumed from yesterday). It all depends on the condition and what chakra needs cleared. Since it’s her lower half that needs the help – her legs – I concentrate on her Sacral Charka and emit white and orange light into her. Her eyes open with a start.

Off to my right I see Ted approach. I look at him and ask – what are you doing here? He smiles. I look back and Archangel Raphael is backing away with a smile on his face. He disappears into a wall and is gone. Ted grabs my hand and pulls me through another wall. We emerge into an outdoor cafe. Not entirely sure where we are at.

I ask him what is he doing? He smiles. Below is our conversation. M = me and H = him. I’ll be dammed on why this is so clear to me:

M = How did you get here?
H = I followed you to the apartment. Nice job, by the way.
M = How did you get through the block I put up?
H = Everyone has a weakness.
M = Then why isn’t Bill here?
H = My desire is greater.

I sit down at an empty table. He joins me. No one seems to notice that we’re there.

H = We talked about you last night.
M = Why?
H = Because he frustrated about last Wednesday. He knew you were there – but he couldn’t feel you – or anything else.
M = Probably because of all the negative energy.
H = He’s pretty upset now. He puts on a good front. But he’s drowning.
M = Are you helping him?
H = He’s blocked everyone out. Like you did.

I place my head in my hands. I can feel the tears just flow down my face.

H = I watched you this morning.
M = Doing what?
H = The cards — the tree ones.

I look up and wipe my eyes. No more tears.

M = So?
H = Did you get what you’re looking for?
M = I don’t know.

He places his hand over mine.

H = No matter how much you fight it, you can’t change it.
M = Change what?
H = You and me.

I push up from the table and storm off. He catches up to me and grabs my arm.

H = I see the way you look at me — at my pictures. I hear your voice when you talk about me. It’s obvious to everyone but you.

I just stare at him. I know he’s right. I took in a quick inventory over the last 13 years and everything about me – my voice, my eyes, my energy all change (for the better – like it does when one is interested in another). It changes for Bill too – but it lacks the vibrant energy that comes when I am seeing/talking about Ted. I have always chalked it up to Bill having an earthy energy while Ted is fierily. It could be that there was more than meets the eye on that one.

M = How’s your girlfriend?
He laughs.
H = How’s your husband?
I smile.
M = Things are changing.
H = Yes they are.

In the background I can hear that my son is home from preschool.

M = I have to go.
H = I’ll be waiting.

And with that I come out of it. When I did, the hair was standing up on my arms and I was shaking – like I got a huge jolt of energy and my body couldn’t absorb it all.

Until Later…

Crystal Sunshine!

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