Bliss: Allie's Past Life Regression (Vincent)

Allie’s past life regression session on Oct 23, 2008 at Maria Shaw’s Cosmic Connection Convention in Midland, MI. Regression by Tanya Douglas. Main focus of the regression (discussed after the regression was complete – not recorded) was Vincent. He is the central male figure/love interest in each lifetime.

Bliss: Bill and Astral Sex

It’s been awhile since I shared personal stories about my OBE adventures with my guys. I love sharing my stories. But in the past, people have read my stories and jump to the conclusion that it’s ok to ask me for a OBE hook up. It’s not ok. So I stopped sharing for that reason. However, I decided to start sharing again with Bliss members since the number of people who read Bliss postings is smaller than those who read the general blog.

OBE Sex: Telepathic Missteps And The Newsletter!

Telepathic sex is a great way to rev up the ole sexual motor hours before you and your honey see one another physically. It’s also a great way to stay “in touch” with a long distance lover or if you are single, find energetic comfort in the energy field of another.

Have you ever tried to connect to someone only to discover it was the wrong person?