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Category: Vincent

OBE Sex: Telepathic Missteps And The Newsletter!

Telepathic sex is a great way to rev up the ole sexual motor hours before you and your honey see one another physically. It’s also a great way to stay “in touch” with a long distance lover or if you are single, find energetic comfort in the energy field of another.

Have you ever tried to connect to someone only to discover it was the wrong person?

Wear The Pants, Good Stuff and Vincent!

Please vote for me in Dockers “Wear The Pants” contest: My plan is to educate people about sexual expression and promote passion:):) Pretty please help — and ask your friends. I can’t really explain it today – but I have hope. It a generalized hope, but it’s there. I’m …

Todd, A Connection And Divine Time!

After I posted Friday’s entry – guess what showed up on my porch? Another cat. A cute little black kitty with a skull & crossbone collar. He was such a scared kitty. I opened the front door and after running back and forth – he came in – and has …