Category: <span>Twin Flame</span>

Category: Twin Flame

Draw An Unknown Lover To You!

Want to draw your twin flame or a soul mate to you – but don’t know the identity of any of them? Give this simple flash spell a try! On a new or full moon:  Close your eyes and envision who you want to bring into your life. Feel his …

Ask Allie: The Love List

Aug 25, 2014 Transformational Sex Coach & Kick-Ass Soul Magnet – blending Soul Energy with Sexuality! **Show’s Format** * Introduction * Topic: The List of Love * Holistic Item of the Week: Re-Union Flower Essences * Closing remarks Green Hope Farm:   MP3 File

3 Steps To Orgasmic Living

Orgasmic living isn’t a myth. Nor is it the fodder for tasteless late night jokes. Orgasmic living is living life where everything gives you the feelings an orgasm produces: delight, sensuality, love, radiance, joy, energized, excitement, well-being, abundance, magical, turned on, sexiness, powerful, and soulful. It puts you in touch …