Category: <span>sexual energy</span>

Category: sexual energy

Sex + Creativity = WOW!

Sex and creativity go hand in hand. Without one the other sinks faster than your last relationship. Why? Because they are intertwined within the same energy stream. And you need both sex and creativity, not to mention abundance and well-being – which are too included within the same energy stream. …

Want to Manifest? Have an Orgasm!

Orgasm + Desire = Manifestation! Hell ya! Who’s with me? We hear it all the time — manifest your desires! An orgasm a day keeps the doctor away! But what if you could combine both bad-ass energy into one INSATIABLE activity? Trust me — taste the nectar once, and you’ll …

Crystal Grid For Sexual Energy

Usually I arrange the grids so that they fit under your bed. Although there are MANY FABO places to have sex, the bedroom is still #1. But I have heard from people who want to increase their sex drive and not have sex in the bed. They’d rather have it in the pool, hot tub, car, garden, kitchen, game room, and so forth!

Blending Intimate Energy

Blending intimate energy is a continuation of my post on sharing intimate energy from a few months ago. In that post I talked about when you have intimate sexual interactions with another soul – be it in person or via OBE, there is an energy exchange. In this energy exchange …