Category: <span>sex tip</span>

Category: sex tip

The Passion Zone: Advanced Sexless and Sexual Appetizers

Join Allie and Scarlet as they talk about the “Advanced Sexless Relationships,” and “Sexual Appetizers.” (Although we never got to sexual appetizers – had a couple of callers.Will cover next week) Buy “Out of Body Ecstasy” at Amazon. Phone lines and chat room will be open! Help support this show …

OBE Sex – The Erotic Ecstasy of Out of Body Experiences

The ecstasy of out of body experiences. That’s a pretty bold statement. It suggests that OBE sex is an ultimate thrill. Astral sex, dream sex, telepathic sex – oh my! From years of personal experience and teaching scores of people – I can attest that there is nothing like it. …

Crystal Grid For Sexual Energy

Usually I arrange the grids so that they fit under your bed. Although there are MANY FABO places to have sex, the bedroom is still #1. But I have heard from people who want to increase their sex drive and not have sex in the bed. They’d rather have it in the pool, hot tub, car, garden, kitchen, game room, and so forth!

Telepathic Sex On The Fly!

Telepathic sex on the fly – when you want it quick. Is it possible? Of course it is! The easiest way to do this is to either have the person in your sight (and have already met them), or have been intimate in the past. Why?