Category: <span>sex coaching</span>

Category: sex coaching

The Passion Zone: Advanced Sexless and Sexual Appetizers

Join Allie and Scarlet as they talk about the “Advanced Sexless Relationships,” and “Sexual Appetizers.” (Although we never got to sexual appetizers – had a couple of callers.Will cover next week) Buy “Out of Body Ecstasy” at Amazon. Phone lines and chat room will be open! Help support this show …

What Is Sex Coaching?

Sex coaching. The mere mention of it brings a nervous chuckle and an uneasy glance when I tell people what I do — I know his or her first thought is that I’m a sex worker. I’m not – I can assure you. No part of me touches any part of the client during a session. Maybe a hug at the end – but that’s usually reserved for people I’ve seen a few times.