Category: <span>Self-Love</span>

Category: Self-Love

Want to Manifest? Have an Orgasm!

Orgasm + Desire = Manifestation! Hell ya! Who’s with me? We hear it all the time — manifest your desires! An orgasm a day keeps the doctor away! But what if you could combine both bad-ass energy into one INSATIABLE activity? Trust me — taste the nectar once, and you’ll …

Why Is Loving Yourself So Difficult To Do?

Loving yourself, for the purpose of this post, is the ability to love who you are – lock, stock and barrel.

Why do you think this is so difficult? It’s easy to look at another human, see there strengths and weaknesses and be able to say – so what, they’re only human. But if we look at ourselves with the same strengths and weaknesses, we beat ourselves up and plummet our self-esteem.