Bliss: Only Attract What You Want!

Only attract what you want. Sounds like a fairy tale. If you’re like me, you have tried and tried to attract what you want only to discover you’re drowning in what you don’t want. Worse yet, being trapped in what you don’t want keeps bringing you what you don’t want. You’ve tried “The Secret” or maybe even “Leveraging the Universe” and still step in dog poo. Instead of being the magnet you want, you’ve turned into the trash can you hate. Want to hear how to turn that around?

Attract Riches and Drive Away Negativity!

Need money and have to drive away negative forces simultaneously? Just go to your spice cabinet!  Clove – it’s for more than just spicing up pumpkin, roast or warm drinks. It’s also an effective incense.  Burn clove to attract money and prosperity, produce spiritual vibration, drive away negativity in order to …