Category: <span>physical sex</span>

Category: physical sex

Amore with Allie: Solo Intimacy, OBE, and Geraniums

Amore With Allie, your place for love & relationship advice with a metaphysical twist! In this nineteenth episode, Allie introduces herself to the Ageless Knowledge audience. She explains how to use Out of Body Ecstasy for the single’s crowd. Allie answers two questions from viewers on if two people will …

Summer Solstice Sex Magic

Summer Solstice arrive tomorrow, Friday June 21, in all its splendid glory. The summer solstice on its own is a very powerful day/night. It radiates with 360 degree vibrancy every year all day and all night. Add to it though, this year the Super Moon on Sunday June 23

OBE Sex Equals A Better Physical Sex Life!

I’m working on a new line of OBE sex products. Oils, incense and spritzers to help people connection OBE style and other products for OBE sex. I’ve been mixing – blending – testing. That’s why I haven’t been around here much. I’m working on OBE but it’s more on the product …