Out of Body Ecstasy Community

Out of Body Ecstasy will be coming out early next week (maybe even this weekend). I have added a OBE community to not only support the book, but out-of-body experiences as a whole.

Bliss: OBE Sex Book: OBE Sex Grids

Sometimes it is nice to have a little boost of energy when engaging in OBE or OBE sex. It helps to make the connection stronger, the dream deeper, and the travel easier. All of the below grids I have used!

Bliss: A Wearable Telepathic Sex Grid

Yep – you read that correctly. A wearable telepathic sex grid. Up till now, I’ve only told you guys about telepathic or OBE grids that are stationary. But now I’ve developed one you can wear on the go. After all, you’re not always going to be at home when you want to have a telepathic connection or engage in telepathic sex.

Bliss: OBE Sex Grid, Dream Sex Exercise and OBE Oil Blend!

Bliss members, this is all for you! Being who you are, you Bliss Rock Stars, you are privy to some OBE sex techniques and tips that will be going into my book. But instead of waiting until August/September to try them out — you can today!