Category: <span>Merlin</span>

Category: Merlin

Summer Solstice Love Magic

Summer Solstice is tomorrow (Wed June 20) and it is jam packed full of magical energy! Monica Davis and I will be discussing what stones/crystals to use to make the most of this energy tonight on the Allie Theiss Show.

What can you do to use this powerful energy to your advantage?

Will, Vincent And No Wasted Time!

I’m almost caught up on my emails and the readings from the special back in December. Whew. The screenplay – still working on it. Once I have a chance to write – it flows. I just have to be able to work on the darn thing – you know? Little …

Bill. Dreams And Will!

I find myself in a dilemma. Remember the fireman? Well he’s still around (out lasted Mr. Client Guy – who, BTW I talked to this morning) and we’ve chatted sporadically over the last several months. I’ve kept up every wall I have – trying not to actually like the guy …