Category: <span>Manifestation</span>

Category: Manifestation

Want to Manifest? Have an Orgasm!

Orgasm + Desire = Manifestation! Hell ya! Who’s with me? We hear it all the time — manifest your desires! An orgasm a day keeps the doctor away! But what if you could combine both bad-ass energy into one INSATIABLE activity? Trust me — taste the nectar once, and you’ll …

11 Things You Didn’t Know About Telepathic Sex

Telepathic sex is wondrous for bringing on the orgasmic flow. The connection between souls is uplifting and energizing. You’ve read posts on my wonderful adventures, energy signatures, and loads of tips to help make your orgasmic experience even better. But I haven’t told you everything, not yet at least. Here …

Summer Solstice Sex Magic

Summer Solstice arrive tomorrow, Friday June 21, in all its splendid glory. The summer solstice on its own is a very powerful day/night. It radiates with 360 degree vibrancy every year all day and all night. Add to it though, this year the Super Moon on Sunday June 23