Telepathic Sex Is MORE Than The Visual!

“Telepathic sex is more than the outward appearance!,” yelled Joshua. Well – Joshua doesn’t YELL. He sternly makes a point. Joshua is my adviser in all matters. He doesn’t exist in physical form – he never has – and he never will. There isn’t anything he doesn’t know – although …

Joshua and Celina

Joshua and Celina are two advanced beings that want to send messages and knowledge to the world. They have asked me to be the “voice” and I happily agreed! I will be posting their messages on my FaceBook page as well as Twitter. If you haven’t subbed up for either, now may be a good time. OR you can look under the bottom right of any page for “What is Allie Saying” and my Twitter feed is there.

I have no idea what they will cover or what they will not cover. But right now I know that each would like to speak to you and introduce themselves.

Bliss: Owen, Dream Visits, and more Owen

Owen has been around a lot lately. When I say a lot – I mean every flippin` night. Everyone else makes an appearance at one point in time. But with Owen, every single dream visit we are a couple already. Not meeting one another – not trying to figure each other out – a couple complete with love, passion, and problems. Just as if he and I were a couple in our physical reality.