Bliss: Owen, Dream Visits, and more Owen

Owen has been around a lot lately. When I say a lot – I mean every flippin` night. Everyone else makes an appearance at one point in time. But with Owen, every single dream visit we are a couple already. Not meeting one another – not trying to figure each other out – a couple complete with love, passion, and problems. Just as if he and I were a couple in our physical reality.

Bliss: Ian, Portals and Dimensions

For the last week I’ve had the most incredible dreams. In them it is predominately Ian, with Owen being in a few. Each dream visit was full of happiness and love. I do not remember every facet of these dreams – except that when I awake I am full of love and Ian is the first on my mind with Owen a quick 2nd. One dream with Owen we were outside in the sunshine, sitting at an umbrellaed table drinking beer. It was very laid back and he was very funny. I couldn’t stop laughing.

Bliss: Ian, Dream Sex and Celtic Jewelry!

I know – what a combo! But hell, the dream I had the other night with Ian was surreal yet a bit off. Let me explain…

The dream began with Ian working at a ice cream or smoothie stand located inside of a mall. It wasn’t in the food court, but outside one of the anchor stores like JcPenney or Macy’s. He looked great – radiant smile, bright blue eyes and great hair:) He had it all going on!