Category: <span>Flower Essences</span>

Category: Flower Essences

Erotic Dreams Foot Massage

Want to fall asleep and land in a erotic dream? Give this simple foot massage a try! Need: hazelnut, almond or olive oil, jasmine absolute essential oil, & mugwort flower essence. Steps: Warm the hazelnut/almond/olive oil. After you remove the oil for its heat source – add 3 drops jasmine …

Ask Allie: The Love List

Aug 25, 2014 Transformational Sex Coach & Kick-Ass Soul Magnet – blending Soul Energy with Sexuality! **Show’s Format** * Introduction * Topic: The List of Love * Holistic Item of the Week: Re-Union Flower Essences * Closing remarks Green Hope Farm:   MP3 File

Cleaning Intimate Energy

In my popular post Sharing Intimate Energy , I talked about understanding how the intimate energy of others can effect you. Often people are worried about getting pregnant, an STD, or HIV. Unless you know about energy ahead of time, you wouldn’t give a second thought about catching someone else’s …