Category: <span>Energy Shift</span>

Category: Energy Shift

Sex + Creativity = WOW!

Sex and creativity go hand in hand. Without one the other sinks faster than your last relationship. Why? Because they are intertwined within the same energy stream. And you need both sex and creativity, not to mention abundance and well-being – which are too included within the same energy stream. …

Blue Moon, Crazy Ass Energy, and Will

Will’s energy is something that I can normally keep from overwhelming me. Our energy is strong, but doable. Well, on a day like today with the blue moon energy, it is choking. The pain coming from him is relentless. I can feel the hurt of people lost. The regret of …

Freakish Energy, Dreams, And Getting Ready For What?

For those of you who have been following me for a while, you know all about my “guys” – Bill, Ted, Will, Vincent, etc… They have been around since I started writing a blog back in what — 2005? During this time the energy has ebbed and flowed. Any time the energy has surged at me, some big change is on the way. The stronger the surge, the bigger the change.