OBE Sex, Energy, And Daily Cleanse!

Engaging in OBE sex leaves you with the energetic residue of whomever you hooked up or had sex with. In the physical world, when you are out and about – at work, school, studio set, or soccer practice, you pick up the energy residue from everyone you come in contact. …

Bliss: Vibrational Traits

In today’s blog post I talked about using OBE to search for your twin flame and soul mates. It is possible to find your twin flame by honing into your vibrational energy and sending it out into the universe to find its match.

By tuning into my higher self as I was writing that blog post, it was revealed to me that not only do our energy bodies and chakras have a vibration – but so do the traits and beliefs that make us who we are.

Bliss: Receiving and Accepting Love

Prayer is a way many people prefer to converse with the Universe and to his or her God/Goddess. Although he or she widely uses this form of communication, there can still be a blockage to receiving and accepting the love that is given back and forth during prayer. If the love is blocked here, then love is blocked off from the physical sense of recieving and accepting love.