Category: <span>dream sex</span>

Category: dream sex

OBE Sex: The Daily Om – Reclaim Your Sexual Energy!

How is your sex life? Does it have the passion, intimacy, and orgasmic release you desire? What if you learned a method of having passionate sex life no matter if you are in a relationship or single? I’m here to tell you that not only is it possible, it’s very doable.

Energy, Will, And!

Happy Sunday everyone! Just a few things I wanted to mention while I was thinking about it. Most of you find me either because of OBE (astral, dream, telepathy) or magic. The number one reason you guys seek me out is because of energy – something that I am excellent …

OBE Sex, Energy, And Daily Cleanse!

Engaging in OBE sex leaves you with the energetic residue of whomever you hooked up or had sex with. In the physical world, when you are out and about – at work, school, studio set, or soccer practice, you pick up the energy residue from everyone you come in contact. …

Telepathic Sex Can Blend With Dream Sex

Telepathic sex is the OBE sex method of connecting one on one via the energy body, the mind and engaging in some sort of sexual interaction. In order to have telepathic sex two people need to have a telepathic connection. A telepathic connection normally works by the two people being …