Category: <span>Dream Sex Boaster</span>

Category: Dream Sex Boaster

Out of Body Ecstasy Community

Out of Body Ecstasy will be coming out early next week (maybe even this weekend). I have added a OBE community to not only support the book, but out-of-body experiences as a whole.

OBE Sex Bracelets

OBE Sex bracelets have been added to the store! You asked and I answered. They’re beautiful and the energy is simply FABO! This first batch won’t last long at all. When they are gone – then it’ll be about a week or so until the next batch is done.

OBE Sex With OBE & Physical Sexual Elixir!

OBE sex and the sex grids – I’ve had several emails about that grid. Most like it — and find that it does help with their sex life – both in and out of obe sex.  But I’ve also had a few emails about a helpful aid to take on …