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Category: crystals

Crystal Grid For Sexual Energy

Usually I arrange the grids so that they fit under your bed. Although there are MANY FABO places to have sex, the bedroom is still #1. But I have heard from people who want to increase their sex drive and not have sex in the bed. They’d rather have it in the pool, hot tub, car, garden, kitchen, game room, and so forth!

Amore with Allie: Love Tarot Spread and Crystal Ball

Welcome to “Amore With Allie,” your place for love & relationship advice with a metaphysical twist! In this fourth episode, Allie introduces herself to the Ageless Knowledge audience. She goes into explaining Love Tarot Spread and how you can use it not only for your love life, but to also …

Todd, A Connection And Divine Time!

After I posted Friday’s entry – guess what showed up on my porch? Another cat. A cute little black kitty with a skull & crossbone collar. He was such a scared kitty. I opened the front door and after running back and forth – he came in – and has …