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Category: Ben

11-11-11 What Does It Mean?

It means today is a very powerful day to attract to you what you desire and to get your head on straight, to think clearly, and make good choices. It also means that emotions will be all over the board. One minute you’ll be a happy little camper and the next minute you’ll see a bird and start crying. It won’t make sense. Don’t try to make sense out of it. Instead, flow with it.

Atlantis, Soul Circle and New Site!

Here we are at the new blog! It feel strange not to be plugging away over at Blogger. Now Allie’s Two Cents, Out of Body Ecstasy, and Gypsy Magic will be up in their entirety for the next several weeks. Not everything that was in those three blogs made it here. I chopped out a lot of personal items as well as magic not pertaining to love, sex or relationships. So if there is something you want out of those blogs, I’d snag it soon if I were you.

My Guides, Plan of Action and Bill!

I had a good time at Holistic Harmony down in Lexington yesterday! I went and donated my time for 3 hrs to give people readings. It was fun – met some great people. Hopefully I’ll be able to do it again in September. They hold the readings & healings the …