Category: <span>astral realms</span>

Category: astral realms

Bill, Astral Projection, and a Hand Out

Astral projection is when your astral body separates from your physical body. After astral separation, you are then able to travel to the past, somewhere in the present, and into the future. Theoretical physicists say that there are multiple parallel universes with infinite layers to each universe. With astral projection …

Out of Body Ecstasy Community

Out of Body Ecstasy will be coming out early next week (maybe even this weekend). I have added a OBE community to not only support the book, but out-of-body experiences as a whole.

Astral Projection, Ian, and Candy!

Astral projection, Ian 2, and candy…what do you think they all have in common? No — tasting sweet doesn’t count. You can’t taste astral projection silly. Give up? They are all things that make my tummy flip-flop. A good piece of candy (specifically anything made with dark European chocolate) will …

OBE Sex: The Daily Om – Reclaim Your Sexual Energy!

How is your sex life? Does it have the passion, intimacy, and orgasmic release you desire? What if you learned a method of having passionate sex life no matter if you are in a relationship or single? I’m here to tell you that not only is it possible, it’s very doable.