Bliss: OBE Sex Book: OBE Sex Grids

Sometimes it is nice to have a little boost of energy when engaging in OBE or OBE sex. It helps to make the connection stronger, the dream deeper, and the travel easier. All of the below grids I have used!

Bliss: OBE Sex Book: OBE Protection

No – it’s not sexual OBE protection. You’re safe from STDs, HIV, and pregnancy in OBE. Once you have some experience with energy sex, your energy body expands and strengthens. That strength causes your inner light to grow. Energy attracts energy.

Bliss: OBE Sex Book: Astral Projection, Astral Travel

How do you like the book cover? I’m digging on it! The release of the “Out of Body Ecstasy” book is inching closer. I’m psyched!! We’re in the chapter everyone loves: astral sex! This section is on astral projection and astral travel!