Category: <span>astral foreplay</span>

Category: astral foreplay

Out of Body Ecstasy Community

Out of Body Ecstasy will be coming out early next week (maybe even this weekend). I have added a OBE community to not only support the book, but out-of-body experiences as a whole.

Bliss: OBE Sex Book: OBE Protection

No – it’s not sexual OBE protection. You’re safe from STDs, HIV, and pregnancy in OBE. Once you have some experience with energy sex, your energy body expands and strengthens. That strength causes your inner light to grow. Energy attracts energy.

OBE Sex: Astral Partner Sex, Orgasms and The Passion Zone

Astral sex is a hot topic. I receive daily emails on asking why should a couple incorporate astral sex into their physical sexual lives. What benefit is there? The why is easy – it gives the couple a second orgasm – stronger than the first. How? Whatever happens to the …