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Category: Allie

Amore with Allie: Fear of Intimacy and Caraway

Welcome to “Amore With Allie,” your place for love & relationship advice with a metaphysical twist! In this twentieth episode, Allie introduces herself to the Ageless Knowledge audience. She discusses Fear of Intimacy, how to spot it and what to do if you suffer from it. Allie answers two questions …

Blue Moon, Crazy Ass Energy, and Will

Will’s energy is something that I can normally keep from overwhelming me. Our energy is strong, but doable. Well, on a day like today with the blue moon energy, it is choking. The pain coming from him is relentless. I can feel the hurt of people lost. The regret of …

Were You Blindsided?

At some point in time, I bet most of you could say “HELL YA” to that question. I know I can. But in hindsight all the signs were there. However, I was so involved in either reminiscing about the past or fantasizing (or worrying) about the future that I didn’t see the PRESENT signs that something was about to happen.