The class starts tomorrow, May 15th in the evening. This first class size is small, so you will get more help from me now — than you will once the class grows in size.

What happens in this class?

Day 1: What makes a great spell?

Day 2: The key components of start of a spell.

Day 3: The key components of end of a spell.

Day 4: The all important middle of a spell.

Day 5: Tackle a spell to bring something specific to you.

Day 6: Tackle a spell to force something away from you.

Day 7: Formulate a spell and submit for Allie’s advice.

Each lesson is sent via email from me to you. The lesson is mailed to all of the students by 9:00 pm EDT that day and you will have 24 hours to complete what you can and submit it back to me for comments (if needed) and any questions answered.

Example – Day 1. I will send an email that describes what makes a great spell – the components. The assignment will be for you to find a spell that you think works (can be from a book or a free on via the internet) and tell me/class why you think this spell works based on what I send you.

From there I break it down and we work on the 1st part of a spell you wish to write.

Eventually, on day 7 – everyone will submit a final spell to me. I will send back – privately, my comments and suggestions.

This class will grow as time goes on and more people find out about it. I had considered making it into forum later on, so that everyone can help everyone. At that time, each student will be required to sign a confidentiality statement so that what is discussed in this forum is kept private.

As I said, this class is small and I will keep this class at least (regardless of what size it may grow to in the next 24 hours) working only with me instead on with one another and I jump in atthe end.

Okay – enough said. If you are interested, please visit:

Crystal Sunshine!

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