Cast And Write Your Own Magic Class IN 24 Hours!

Cast And Write Your Own Magic Class IN 24 Hours!

The class starts tomorrow, May 15th in the evening. This first class size is small, so you will get more help from me now — than you will once the class grows in size.

What happens in this class?

Day 1: What makes a great spell?

Day 2: The key components of start of a spell.

Day 3: The key components of end of a spell.

Day 4: The all important middle of a spell.

Day 5: Tackle a spell to bring something specific to you.

Day 6: Tackle a spell to force something away from you.

Day 7: Formulate a spell and submit for Allie’s advice.

Each lesson is sent via email from me to you. The lesson is mailed to all of the students by 9:00 pm EDT that day and you will have 24 hours to complete what you can and submit it back to me for comments (if needed) and any questions answered.

Example – Day 1. I will send an email that describes what makes a great spell – the components. The assignment will be for you to find a spell that you think works (can be from a book or a free on via the internet) and tell me/class why you think this spell works based on what I send you.

From there I break it down and we work on the 1st part of a spell you wish to write.

Eventually, on day 7 – everyone will submit a final spell to me. I will send back – privately, my comments and suggestions.

This class will grow as time goes on and more people find out about it. I had considered making it into forum later on, so that everyone can help everyone. At that time, each student will be required to sign a confidentiality statement so that what is discussed in this forum is kept private.

As I said, this class is small and I will keep this class at least (regardless of what size it may grow to in the next 24 hours) working only with me instead on with one another and I jump in atthe end.

Okay – enough said. If you are interested, please visit:

Crystal Sunshine!

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